BCCK has developed a NGL extraction process that allows for maximum margins for the producer. If the recovered component of ethane is negative in value when sold as a liquid product as compared to the BTU value of ethane, then the producer will want to minimize the recovered ethane component while maximizing the propane and heavier components. BCCK’s patent pending technology, C2R-Flex, will accomplish this. If the ethane component has a positive spread value when sold as liquid, then the producer will want to maximize the recovered ethane in the NGL liquid.

BCCK’s C2R-Flex technology can effectively operate in three operating modes:

  1. High ethane recovery of 98% + ethane and near 100% of all heavier products
  2. Minimum ethane recovery of less than 5% and 98+ % for propane using auxiliary propane refrigeration
  3. Minimum ethane recovery of less than 5% and 98+ % for propane without using auxiliary propane refrigeration.  Note that this option will require additional residue compression.

One significant advantage for C2R-Flex is that the operation mode between ethane recovery and ethane rejection can be accomplished quickly and without facility outage. This option will allow for frequent operational mode changes, if desired, assuring maximum profitability.